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One bottle of Spice of Life – Nigella Sativa, contains 60 capsules of 100% all natural black caraway. This is a very important matter. Real Nigella Blackseed is NOT the same as Black Cumin seed. Scientific classification of Nigella Sativa is only Black Caraway seed and Black Cumin is Cuminum Cyminum.

Demand the right stuff, Spice of Life – Nigella!

Each capsule contains 600mg and 2 capsules equals 1/2 teaspoon of Nigella.

Don’t be confused with the less potent black cumin seed. This is certified 100% black caraway, Nigella Sativa.

The Nigella is tested for purity, then ground into the finest powder and encapsulated quickly for the freshest product. The aroma bursts from the bottle when you open it.

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Buy five bottles and get one free. We will enclose six bottles with your order of five thru the holiday season. Give one to family or friends for a special gift of healing relief.

The name, Nigella sativa derives from nigellus, the Latin word for black and comes from the natural class of a flowering, seed baring (sativa) caraway plants.

Nigella Sativa Flower
Nigella Sativa Flower

It is used as a “spice” in Mideastern, Hindi and Asian cooking recipes with lamb, stews, poultry, vegetables, fruits, and salads. It is also used in baking various breads from Jewish rye to Naam breads in India.

Nigella Sativa is also known as  Kalonji or Onion seed, Black Cumin seed, Blackseed, etc. It’s most commonly called onion seed for its flavor of onion, black pepper and oregano.

Spice …of Life

Spice …goes back thousands of years and was found in King Tutankamon’s tomb.

Spice… is a panacea used by many Eastern cultures for a wide array of ailments.


Label-WEB-5th-draftOnly certified seed is used in Spice of Life Nigella. The black caraway seed is tested for purity by an independent lab. Then it is finely ground and encapsulated in vegetable caps, bottled and double sealed at a professional manufacturing facility. 

One Bottle of Spice of Life – Nigella contains 60 capsules of fine grind Black Caraway Seed. Order yours today.

People with serious chronic health conditions can become a Frequent Buyer and receive special pricing to help with your treatment and recovery. Call for details.

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