History of Nigella

The archaeological record reveals the earliest know cultivation of Nigella goes back to ancient Italy, 8000 years ago.

Over the millennia it spread into Africa, Egypt and the Far East.

Chinese Medicine

Since ancient times Oriental medicine has used Nigella for dementia, infections, stomach problems, diarrhea, constipation, menstrual issues, jaundice, skin care, hair loss, and lung disorders.

Hindu Medicine

One of the earliest known reference to Nigella in ancient Hindu texts goes back 5000 years.

Vedic medicine has many effective treatments, but the single most widely touted health remedy is Kalonji, Nigella Sativa.


Egyptian Medicine

Nigella spice was found among the riches in King Tut’s tomb.

Out of all the wealth he possessed, Nigella was one of the most important things to take into the after-life.


Modern Medicine

The marvels of modern medical research have produced thousands of effective treatments. More recently, the field has begun to embrace many natural healing remedies. This new treatment category is called “Complimentary Therapies” (CT).

Nigella Sativa, Black Caraway seed has become recognized as one of the most effective CT’s and is the subject of many clinical studies.