Many Names

Nigella Sativa:[Neh-sjee-uh Suh-tee-va] Black Caraway

Nigella Sativa Linneaus (Ranunculaceae), correctly known as black caraway seed.  However, scientific classification is somewhat flexible and confused at times. Commonly and mistakenly called black cumin seed, but is not actually cumin. The name for Nigella Sativa is properly identified only as Black Caraway seed, There are a wide array of names among various cultures.

Spice of Life is the only Nigella product in the entire World that correctly identifies and packages the authentic Black Caraway Seed. All the others are called Black Cumin seed, which is incorrectly labeled or even worse, has the wrong seed in their products.  Insist on Spice of Life Nigella Black Caraway Seed.

Flower of life seems the most appropriate of the many descriptors. It was the inspiration for the product name for Spice of Life Nigella capsules.

Barachka, Seed of blessing

Black Sesame seed, but not from sesame plants.

The Caldean Christian Cure

Chernuska,Chanushka  – (Russian)

Cörekotu – (Turkish)

Coriander seeds, but not from coriander plants.


Devil in the Bush

Fennel flower, but not from fennel plants.



Heavens gift

Habbatu l-barakah – (Arabic)

Jack in Prison

Kalonji or Kalanji – (India) onion seed for its pungent flavor.

Kala Jeera – (India) meaning, black seed.

Ketzah – (Hebrew)


Love-in-the-mist from the lattice that grows around the flower.


Mangrail – (Hindi)


Miraculous Black Seed

Onion seed, but is not from onion plants.

Pharaoh’s Seed, because it was found in King Tut’s tomb.

Tuts tomb spice A2Sinouj – (Tunisia)

Wild Fennel, not from fennel plants.

Yeshyaya – (Hebrew)

Qetsach – Hebrew – חַצֶק – [“Ketsah”]
(mistakenly sometimes referred to as Yeshaya… the Hebrew name for the Prophet Isaiah in whose scroll the first written account of Nigella sativa occurs.)

Nigella Sativa Spice…referred to as “fitch (i.e. fitches)” in the Holy Scriptures, Isaiah 28:25 & 27 (Hebrew – חַצֶק qetsach)